You've Got "IT" Part 3 - Develop "IT"

For those who said, “I don’t have a talent,” I hope that you tapped into “IT” after reading Part 2 (Discover “IT”). Now, let’s DEVELOP “IT.”

Celebrities like Beyonce, Oprah, and Michael Jordan make using their talents look easy. But, Beyonce rehearses like crazy to perfect her voice and

dance moves. Oprah began at a small television station before hosting her talk show and now owning her own network. As a pro baller, Michael Jordan was the first at practice and the last to leave. That work ethic continued even after he had proven himself to be the greatest of his time.

I had to DEVELOP my writing talent and continue to do so. Before writing Imani in Young Love & Deception, I joined a writer’s group, attended writer’s workshops, took continuing education classes in English, fiction & short story writing, read books about fiction writing, and wrote short stories for a teen magazine.

Talent is not magic. It’s work! You must DEVELOP your talent so that “IT” can accomplish your desired result and take you wherever you want to go.

8 Ways to DEVELOP Your TALENT (“IT”):

  1. Read, study, & focus on “IT”
  2. Practice, practice, practice “IT”
  3. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse “IT”
  4. Attend workshops, seminars, conferences about “IT”
  5. Back to school – continuing education classes, bachelors, or masters for “IT”
  6. Teens–stay in school! Chances are you'll discover your “IT” there
  7. Find a mentor who is doing “IT”
  8. Don’t give up on “IT”

Most of all, USE “IT”: Part 4 – Dare to Use/Share “IT” (Aug. 30th).

Encouraging words: “I believe that every person is born with talent.” - Maya Angelou

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Author Jackie