You've Got "IT" Part 2 - Discover "IT"

Welcome back to the “IT” series!

This “IT” series began as I wondered how a Valedictorian soared to the top. Excelling in academics & football led him to Yale. Apparently, he’s got “IT.”

In Part 1, most of his success I attributed to his inner “IT”:  Drive, Determination, Dedication, Discipline, Motivation, Ambition, Persistence, Resilience, Faith, Focus, Passion, Confidence, and Courage. But, there’s more…

Our inner “IT” needs a TARGET: Talents/Gifts, Dreams/Goals       

I DISCOVERED my TARGET (talent) years after college. In school, professors consistently commented that my research papers were “well-written.” Yet, I never thought writing was my talent until I penned a short story for a teen magazine. They printed it exactly as I submitted it. Well, that was my “Ah-Ha” moment. Writing was my “IT.” That story evolved into my first novel: Imani in Young Love & Deception.

In hindsight, I’ve always loved words. I spent hours on crossword puzzles, Scrabble or any game involving - words. Writing in journals has been a passion since high school. But back then, I took my talent for granted.

But Miss Jackie, I don’t have a talent. Sure you do! You may not have DISCOVERED “IT” but you have at least one!

Clues to DISCOVERING Your TALENT (a natural or acquired ability):

* It’s so easy for you that you take it for granted

* It brings you peace, joy, happiness

* It is constantly on your mind

* It consumes you and time flies when you’re doing it

* You consider it a hobby or no big deal

* You would do it for free

* Others compliment you on it

* It energizes you…

More TARGETS: Dreams or Goals

Where do you want your “IT” (talent) to take you? What school? What career? What lifestyle? What city? What country? What?  More on this in Part 3 – Develop “IT” (Aug. 23rd). Encouraging words: With ordinary talents and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” - Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton

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Best wishes,

Author Jackie