You've Got "IT"

You’ve Got “IT”

Ever look at someone and say, “Wow, s/he’s got ‘IT’!” But, what is -“IT?”

That’s what I wondered while listening to the Valedictorian at a high school graduation. What was “IT” that enabled this young man to rise above ALL of his peers?

Smart? Yes, he will attend Yale. Gifted? Yes, he is also a football star. However, there is more to “IT” than that. Extraordinary students, athletes, teachers, artists, and professionals in all fields use “IT.” And, I believe that we’ve ALL got “IT!”

Explore “IT” with me in a 4-Part “IT” Blog Series which I’ll post here as scheduled:

July 26th          Part 1 – Define "IT"

Aug. 9th           Part 2 – Discover "IT"

Aug. 23rd         Part 3 – Develop "IT"

Aug. 30th         Part 4 – Dare to Use/Share "IT"

The purpose of my Blog is to Enlighten, Inspire and Empower. I write about my experiences and what I’ve observed in and learned from others. It reflects how I write in my journal to figure out problems, issues, and well…life. It’s an inside peek into this author as she grows and finds new ways to use “IT.”

Peace & Blessings,

Author Jackie