Imani in Young Love & Deception

Paperback; 304 pages; Grades 8+

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Awards / Recognition: 

Recommended reading: EBONY magazine; 
Black Caucus National Council of Teachers of English
Required reading in Paterson, NJ School District (10th grade);
Featured in the NY Times (In/Person)

Educator's Praises: 

Alexandra Gina, Supervisor Language Arts/Literacy,
Paterson, NJ School District:

"The students in the Paterson, N.J. schools LOVE Imani in Young Love & Deception (required 10th grade reading) and Imani in Never Say Goodbye. They read either Imani novel and they just can't put it down. Even reluctant readers get absorbed and keep reading until they finish. That in itself is a HUGE accomplishment.

What Jackie Hardrick has done is more than just write interesting books for teens. Instead, she has significantly affected many students' attitudes toward reading by providing attention-grabbing and provocative topics that have transformed legions of reluctant readers into eager readers. That deserves nothing short of a, "WOW!"

Page Wiedeman, Media Specialist,
Brookwood High School, Snellville, GA:

"Ms. Hardrick’s Imani books are the most checked out in the library! She is our most popular author. We invited her to come to Georgia to speak with our students. Ms. Hardrick related to our students on their level by “keeping it real.” Our students love her books and her presentation."

Teen Reviews: 

“First book I read that I enjoyed!”— Antwane

“I had problems like Imani. Now I know how to handle them properly.” — Jhane

“This stuff really happens. I could see myself in some of the situations.” — Lucie

“I could relate to the characters and I loved the constant drama!” — Cierra

“I loved this novel so much that I read it twice!” — Ashli

“Imani is filled with powerful emotions, humor, and excitement. It’s so inspiring!” — Claudine

“Non-stop action. One of my favorites. Always something going on to keep me reading.” — Justin

Adult Reviews: 

“What a blessing for me and my daughter. It opened the lines of communication with her.” — Lori Green

“An insightful book that addresses issues adults shy away from. Highly recommend for pre-teens & teenagers to help take some of the social pressure off of them.” — Sharon Scott

“Excellent book! Should be required reading in middle & high schools. It gives them another prospective on the issues they face. Parents should read it too and discuss it with them.” — Rosalyn Johnson

“Jackie Hardrick is a talented storyteller. Great and realistic plot with well-rounded characters. I felt like I was in the story and I didn’t want it to end.”— Cynthia Kindell

“Inspirational book for pre-teens and teenagers who are going through the same trials and growing pains as the characters.” — Soraida Rivera

“Poignant & Riveting realistic gaze into the struggles of young people and the consequences of their choices.” — Rev. Bruce Williams

Professional Reviews: 

“Imani in Young Love & Deception is a fun read and powerful portrait of teenagers undergoing the mystifying state of young adulthood and becoming caught up in the turmoil of living in a world of shifting values. Hardrick weaves an arresting tale of students whose diverse lives intersect and are changed by youthful indiscretions and deceptions.” — Lawrence Hall, formerly of the STAR-LEDGER

“This fast paced page-turner will keep you on edge until the very end. Wonderful and inspirational messages for people of all ages.” — Angela Kinamore, formerly of ESSENCE Magazine