Imani in Never Say Goodbye

Paperback; 304 pages; Grades 8+

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Awards / Recognition: 

2006 Georgia Peach Honor Book Award for Teens;
2004 Best YA Fiction by Urban Spectrum newspaper;
Recommended reading: Black Caucus National Council of Teachers of English

Educator's Praises: 

Raymond Page, English Department Chair,
Saint Anthony High School, Jersey City, NJ:

"Our students love both of Jackie Hardrick’s novels. Soon after reading Imani in Young Love & Deception, they DEMANDED to read Imani in Never Say Goodbye! Ms. Hardrick conducted her Keepin’ It Real Program for our sophomores and it was a huge success."

Pat Turner, Media Specialist,
Cartersville High School, Cartersville, GA:

"I purchased 60 copies of Imani in Never Say Goodbye in anticipation of Ms. Hardrick’s school visit. ALL checked out almost immediately! You know that you have a winner when students say, “that was the best book I’ve ever read.” Ms. Hardrick makes my job easy by getting kids fired up about reading."

Teen Reviews: 

"A wake up call! This book inspired me to stay focused with my studies and to go to college.” — Samantha

“From page one, I was hooked! Every character is relatable. The messages are powerful. A must read for every teen.” — K. Stokes

“The second book that caught my attention since the Bible.” — Chris

“I promise that this book will not waste your time. It’s for today and a guide to tomorrow.” — Janice

“This is a good book for teens to learn how to survive today. Do your friends a favor and share it with them.” — Brendalin

“This book is great, especially for someone who doesn’t understand the dangers of drugs and how they can impact your life.” — Brieana

“Great book for teens and pre-teens. It’s also great for athletes because they could relate to it.” — Anthony

Adult Reviews: 

“A must read for teens and adults. Hardrick captures the true feelings of today’s youth and the problems they face. This book will make you laugh, cry and shake your head in disbelief.” — Timako Bide

“My students related to the story and characters. What an awesome story for this generation.” — Fran Pearce

“As in Imani in Young Love & Deception, the teen characters face inner and outer obstacles. The fast-paced action keeps the reader turning pages.” — April Allridge

“Reading with my students was enjoyable. They didn’t want to put this book down!” — R. Arrington

Professional Reviews: 

“This novel doesn’t skimp on any of the drama associated with being a teen in today’s hectic society. The suspense that Hardrick captures will leave you waiting to see what happens next, but the truth is, you’ll never guess.” — Black Issues Book Review

“As cautionary fiction, this book is a success and fills a need. Even reluctant readers will appreciate the quick pace of the plot and snappy dialogue.” — Voices of Youth Advocates

“There is a lesson to be learned from this well-written book that especially appeals to young adults. It draws a picture of what life can be like in any neighborhood. Hardrick’s book is difficult to put aside once a reader becomes engulfed in its moving stories, people and situations.” — Union Leader