Book Jackie


I love speaking with your young people as much as I enjoy writing for them! To ensure a successful event, here are a few Author Visit Guidelines:


(Assembly - grades 7 – 12)

  • Tell me the most pertinent issues regarding your students so that I can customize the Assembly to meet their needs.
  • If possible, order class sets of desired novel(s) 6 – 8 weeks prior to visit. Highly recommended for English and Health classes. Students’ anticipation of the Visit heightens if they’ve read at least one of the novels prior to event. And, I know from experience that students LOVE my novels!
  • Ordering copies for the Media Center is required. Please order 6 – 8 weeks prior to visit to allow time for as many students as possible to read the book(s) prior to the event. The Media Center is an excellent location to use promotional materials (i.e. posters & flyers).
  • Promote the event throughout the school 4 – 6 weeks prior and up to event (posters, flyers, PA announcements, & post event in school’s newsletter/paper).
  • Involve teachers and administration – share the novels and promotional materials with them.
  • Inform your communication department of event so they can contact local newspapers (if permitted in your school district).
  • School newspaper interviews are welcome after the event.
  • School district administrators are welcome to the event.
  • Allow 40 - 60 minutes per Assembly.
  • Set-up a book signing session for students & staff following the Assembly.

(Classroom & Book Club- grades 7 -12)

  • Book ordering and event promotion and timeline the same as above.
  • Ordering class sets (classroom visit) or copies for book club members is required.
  • Ordering copies for the Media Center is required.
  • The class(es) and book club members should complete the novel(s) prior to the event.
  • Tell me what issues addressed in the novel(s) are most relevant to your students and I will dedicate more time addressing them.
  • Encourage students to prepare questions for me in advance.
  • Allow 90 minutes – per class or session (includes book signing).
  • Group Size: 12 – 35 students per class or session.

YOUTH GROUPS (other than schools): (Members age 12 – 19)

There is less uniformity with Youth Groups and so it is with the Guidelines. For more information, please complete the Inquiry Form and someone will contact you.


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