The purpose of this blog is to Enlighten, Inspire, & Empower! Sometimes I'll post a poem, inspirational quote, life lessons I've learn or wisdom gained but the mission is the same. The blog will change regularly so visit often, especially, when you need encouragement.

Traffic Jams - Things

Happy Saturday Fan Club!

We are so busy. Our “to-do” list is so long. Have you ever had so much to do that you freeze and do nothing? I’m nodding my head, “YES.” All of those things can cause a traffic jam. We stare at the list or replay it in our minds and it’s exhausting and frustrating. But, you don’t have to stay stuck. Cheer up and let’s get moving!

Lessons learned:
1.) I AM ONLY HUMAN. That’s freeing to admit. Yes, there are 24 hours in a day but I can’t work them all. I need sleep and some form of recreation.

Traffic Jams - People

Hey Fan Club!

If you read last week’s post, you know that my purpose is writing for teenagers. It’s great to know your purpose. The challenge is to keep your focus on it and to do the work to fulfill it. Last week I mentioned that I’ve experienced traffic jams along this writing journey.


Hey Fan Club...missed you! I hope all is well. I cannot believe how long it’s been since my last blog post. Thank you for your patience! Life's a journey which takes you in different and sometimes unexpected directions. There will be stops, detours, traffic jams and U-Turns. I’ve experienced them all! But, Fan Club, I’ve taken a U-Turn back to you and writing for YOU. Life lesson learned: your PURPOSE will always bring you back to fulfill it. That’s where true JOY is located. Expect to see a new post each week. I’m back! Love y’all!




All of you!

Peace of mind

Potato Chips

Yet another breath!



Funny how you look back and laugh at some failures

I just knew that I would make my high school’s basketball team. I played against my brother and his friends so surely I could compete with girls. I lasted ONE WEEK in tryouts before I was cut (let go). I felt the pain and moved on to track & field.

You've Got "IT" Part 4 - Dare to Use/Share "IT"

Welcome to the final part of the “IT” series!

We’ve covered discovering and developing “IT” but it takes courage to USE & SHARE “IT.” Worrying about what others will think and fear stops many from using their talent. What has helped me to walk through fear is

You've Got "IT" Part 3 - Develop "IT"

For those who said, “I don’t have a talent,” I hope that you tapped into “IT” after reading Part 2 (Discover “IT”). Now, let’s DEVELOP “IT.”

Celebrities like Beyonce, Oprah, and Michael Jordan make using their talents look easy. But, Beyonce rehearses like crazy to perfect her voice and

You've Got "IT" Part 2 - Discover "IT"

Welcome back to the “IT” series!

This “IT” series began as I wondered how a Valedictorian soared to the top. Excelling in academics & football led him to Yale. Apparently, he’s got “IT.”

In Part 1, most of his success I attributed to his inner “IT”:  Drive, Determination, Dedication, Discipline, Motivation, Ambition, Persistence, Resilience, Faith, Focus, Passion, Confidence, and Courage. But, there’s more…

You've Got "IT" - Part 1 (Define "IT")

Welcome back to the “IT” series! So, what is “IT?”

First, “IT” is NOT: “good looks,” “good genes,” good luck, or a charming personality. “IT” is NOT about money, houses, cars, designer clothes or the latest cell phone. You can’t touch “IT.” 

You've Got "IT"

You’ve Got “IT”

Ever look at someone and say, “Wow, s/he’s got ‘IT’!” But, what is -“IT?”